Privacy Policy.

It is becoming mandatory to have a Privacy Policy for iOS and Android apps to be hosted by Apple and Google respectively. So here is our privacy policy.

The ABC Session Viewer and ABC Viewer II Apps do not collect any personal information about users. So we have no personal information at all to keep private or to make public.

If you share a tunebook from the App, the URL of the tunebook will be saved in a database on our website. Any user of the App will be able to retrieve this URL and download the tunebook from that URL. A timestamp and the IP address of the internet connection used share the URL are stored in the database alongside the URL.

If you have saved a URL but would like it to be deleted, send us an email. We periodically check the links of shared URLs. If they are incorrect or out-of-date we will delete the matching record from the database.

This web site does not use cookies.